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DB Horses at Spring Tour

DB Horses at Spring Tour

20 april 2014

DB horses was this weekend active in Lummen on the Spring Tour. This was a very learning experience for the young horses.

  • Julio Van De Veldbalie and Jonker Van De Donkhoeve finished the final for 5 year olds with seperate barrage correct.
  • Jasco Van Den bisschop was also flawless with the obstacles but recieved 1 point time-out.
  • New arrival D'ambragravin finished her 1st final for 6 year olds flawless with only 1 error in the barrage.
  • For 7 year old mare Cristainville was this a good preparation for the Belgian championship for 7 year olds. She was great with 2 flawless races and only 1 error in the last final on sunday.

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