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Our references are doing excellent!

Our references are doing excellent!

01 april 2015

On different places horses that were trained and sold by DB Horses were active.

A few of them are participating in the winter equestrian festival in Florida. Ilan is riding a strong season with the 7 year olds and that resulted in a wonderfull winning. Watch the movie of the victory here.

Jasper van den bisschop is doing well also with different faultless circulations with the 6 year old horses. See one of his circulations here.

Also Highland van’t heike where Lander recieved fine results in the 7 year olds with last year, is doing well in the test with a 15 year old girl. Dysart van T&L the 6 year old son of Deauville is active in the sunshine tour in Spain, He jumps all test faultless, except one.

We would like to wish the new owners/riders lots of success!

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