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Unicstar de Courcy was 4th

Unicstar de Courcy was 4th

18 mei 2015

Last weekend DB Horses present at CSI** jumping in Lier.

In the categories for young horses, Lander had 2 good cards. The 7 year old Unicstar de Courcy.

He did excellent with a 5th and 6th place and in the final he made a nice 4th place as 7 year old. Click here to see one of his rounds

In the test for 6 year old horses, Lander started with Jasco van den bisschop.
They jumped a nice round on day 2 with just on bad point for time. In the finales they recieved 1 fault.

The only 7 year old Quality DB showed his qualities in the test of the CSI**.
A smooth clear round in the test 1m30 made a 7th place. He also made a clear round in 1m35.
You can see the 1m30 here

The 8 year old mare Cristainville did nice with student Claire Putters.
They were good for 2 clear rounds in 1m30 and 1m35.

Next weekend DB Horses will be active with his young horses in Lounhout for VOR.

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