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Unicstar de Courcy 5th in GP WEN

Unicstar de Courcy 5th in GP WEN

30 januari 2017

Speaking of a great weekend, both horses and students did great!

Our 9yr old gelding Unicstar De Courcy (v. Kashmir vh Schuttershof) jumped with Thomas Van Minnebruggen his third prce 1m50. With a dubbel flawless run they immediately reached 5th place. To watch the track click here: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCDEGE0J79Y).

Students Claire and Evelyne Putters were also in the spotlights. Evelyne and her new asset Brave reached a third place in 1m15 and a ninth place in the finals 1m20. Sister Claire and het star Fa Belle van Sombeke achieved a 13th place friday evening in the ranking class 1m45. She and Copain reached 7th place in the finals 1m40.

Hopefull results for the future.

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