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About us

Three members of the De Bruyn family are in charge at DB Horses. Lander De Bruyn is a rider and trainer, Cis and Ria De Bruyn run the stable.

The De Bruyns have been active in het world of horses for many years. Lander grew up in it. As well as his parents, he found his true calling in working with horses. Initially, he would excel as a rider.

Success at a young age

At age 7 Lander started going to the Club of Rural Riders (Landelijke Rijvereniging). It didn’t take him long to attain some great results. Just a few years later he became provincial and then national champion. The transition to international competitions also came quickly.

At age 15 Lander transitioned from ponies to horses. He achieved victory in the Golden Boot Competition (Gouden Laars Competitie) (1m40) and won the Belgian Cup (Beker van België) for juniors.

DB Horses - About us
DB Horses - About us

Training jumping horses

When Lander graduated, he decided to train young and talented jumping horses alongside a part-time job.

It became a resounding success, given his third place in the GP Lummen 1m50 and sixth place in the GP Reims 1m50 with a horse that he trained from an early age.

Today, DB Horses is a successful jumping stable that delivers outstanding results, both with our own sport horses and by our references. This is due to our professional training methods and our modern infrastructure. After all, the horses we train are true athletes. They deserve the best possible care.